ICC 2023 Call for Papers

As you may have heard, the Creation Science Fellowship of Pittsburgh, transferred ownership of the International Conference of Creationism (ICC) to Cedarville University. We are inviting proposals to be considered for presentation at the next conference to be held July 16-19, 2023 in Cedarville, Ohio. Along with the traditional full-length papers, this ICC will include some additional types of presentations. In continuation with previous ICC’s, the theme is Developing and Systematizing the Creation Model of Origins.  Interested scholars should submit electronic proposals according to the calendar deadlines found in this document. Further guidelines for each type of presentation can be found in the Author’s Manual (available summer of 2021) at The guidelines in the Author’s Manual should be carefully followed, or the proposal will be rejected. The submission and review process will be entirely electronic, with links through the ICC website.

More details are available here.