ICC Registration FAQ

A number of questions have come up and this FAQ hopefully will cover some that you may have. If it doesn’t, please contact us at icc@cedarville.edu.

FAQ related to registration, housing, and meals.

Question 1- Does listing someone as a roommate automatically register the roommate for the conference?

No, all prices (conference registration, room, meals, linens, etc) are for a single person, not a roommate pair, and each person must go through the registration process. When selecting a double occupancy room each person is paying for half the cost of the room ($180 per room, which is $90 per person). Both people MUST complete a separate registration form. If the roommate is not attending the conference sessions they may select the option “Accompanying Family Members – Not Attending Conference Sessions ($0.00) Choose housing and food options below” on the registration page. If the roommate you list does not end up registering for the conference (paying their half), you will be expected to pay the remaining half of the room cost or get paired with another attendee.

Question 2 – What is the housing on campus like during the conference?

The housing is dorm style housing (in the Cedarville University dorms), which is why the roommate selections must be the same gender. There will be a male hall with a shared hall bathroom for the men, and there will be a female hall with a shared hall bathroom for the women.

Each room has two single beds with mattresses. Linens are included for those that select that option during registration for an additional fee. However, it is important to note that a pillow is not provided. Pillows are not available through the company Cedarville contracts with for linens. While Cedarville is a great economical option for housing, it does not have all the amenities of a hotel.

If you would rather have hotel style accommodations, this link has a list of some nearby hotels, ordered by their distance from Cedarville university: https://www.cedarville.edu/admissions/visit/accommodations

Since there was confusion early on about the same gender roommate requirement, we were able to accommodate those couples (which registered before we added the note about same gender roommates) for this year in a different style of dorm with very limited capacity.

Question 3 – My spouse is not interested in attending the conference sessions, but would like to tag along for the trip. Is there a way for my spouse to get meals and stay in the dorm, without paying for the full registration fee?

We have added an option for attending spouses to register for only food and/or room without attending the conference sessions. You will need to register your spouse and select the “Accompanying Family Members – Not Attending Conference Sessions ($0.00)” option on the registration page, which has no added cost beyond the housing and/or food costs. This will allow you to select dorm and meal pass options, but will NOT get your family member admittance to the conference sessions. However, evening sessions are open to the public.

Question 4 – What if I would like to stay more nights than what is listed on the registration page?

Unfortunately, the on-campus housing is only available for the nights listed on the registration page. Since Cedarville University is not a hotel, there are not as many options that can be offered to accommodate every person’s travel plans. However, there are local hotels that you can book for the additional night(s), which can be viewed at this link: https://www.cedarville.edu/admissions/visit/accommodations

Question 5 – Will there be transportation to and from the nearby airports?

Unfortunately we are not able to offer transportation from the nearby airports this year. However, if you would like to coordinate ride-shares with other conference attendees, a link to a shared document for finding other attendees interested in ride-shares was sent out by email.

Question 6 – Can individual meals be purchased on site at the cafeteria?

Yes, individual meals can be purchased on site with cash or card at the entrance of the cafeteria. However, buying the meal pass is less expensive than paying for all meals individually. In the summer, university camps and conferences are given a daily rate of $17.25 for breakfast, lunch & dinner instead of paying $20.25 for all 3 meals individually (breakfast $5.50, lunch $6.50, and dinner $8.25).  If you are only wanting to buy a few meals here and there, then it may make sense to pay individually. However, having a meal pass also expedites the speed of the line to get into the cafeteria.

Over the summer, the cafeteria is the only food option available on campus. However, in the town of Cedarville, there are a few other food options, including: Subway, Mom and Dads, Colonials, Beans-n-cream, and Lola’s Mexican Restaurant.

Question 7 – I am presenting a paper or poster at the conference.  When will the final schedule be available?

We plan to have the final schedule available in mid June. Further instructions will be sent out to authors shortly.